RxGuidelines Acquisition Q&A Page

  • Posted on: 31 December 2015
  • By: eamush

“The combination of Horizon Strategic Partners (Horizon) and RxGuidelines (Rx) will create a strong business with additional resources to focus on the development and support of a host of mobile applications aimed at improving efficiencies and patient outcomes in the UK Healthcare market"

Question and Answers

Q How will the transaction change the customer’s day-to-day dealings with Horizon and/or Rx?

A. There will be no immediate changes for our customers.

The staff at both companies that were responsible for writing the existing software product offerings remain in place and are now all employed by Horizon and we plan to increase our staff numbers to further develop these products as well as new mobile applications due for release in 2016.

We are committed to keeping sales and customer care changes to a minimum.

Therefore, your original customer support and sales staff are contactable in exactly the same way as before. We will be changing email addresses for some of these staff and they will contact all affected customers personally with this information once available.

Q. I have a contract with Rx, will this still be honoured?

A. Horizon will continue to support the existing Rx customers in the same manner as before the acquisition.

Q. Will the combined company still offer both MicroGuide and the RxGuidelines product sets to new customers and will we have a choice?

A. Yes, both options will remain available to new customers and the choice of product is entirely their choice.

Q. Are there any changes on pricing?

Yes, for all new customers who do not have an existing contract with Rx the RxGuidelines pricing structure will now be the same as the current MicroGuide pricing.

If you have any particular queries on our pricing please contact us at info@horizonsp.co.uk

In summary, we believe that by combining our two companies our customers will benefit from the economy of scale achieved and that we will be able to enhance customer service and support levels as well as accelerate the development of new features and functions to existing software solutions.

Please contact us if you have any further queries at info@horizonsp.co.uk