Other Guidance Types

Now you can push ANY type of guidance to your clinical community

Originally we created MicroGuide™ to manage and handle Adult and Paediatric Antimicrobial guidance, which it's done admirably.  However it became really clear, really quickly, that Medical Organisations have many many other different types guidance that they would like to get distributed into their clinical domain as well.

So, we upgraded our CMS and in January 2015 we launched the MultiGuide version of our framework. This new CMS extension now allows Medical Organisations to create and publish any type of guidance and to have it appear inside the same MicroGuide™ apps and web viewer. For existing subscribers to MicroGuide™ this couldn't be easier as content editing skills already exist inside the organisation and the majority of clinicians are already using the MicroGuide™ app, so awareness and distribution of new guidance is seamless.

Since going live with this new functionality over 30 different types of new guidance types have been created, including Wound Formularies, Pathology, Renal, Fluids, Infection Control and many many others.  You decide the name of the guide you wish to create and there are no restrictions on the number of guides you can associate with your Medical Organisation.  We've made some other modifications to the CMS too; we've introduced the concept of Guide Permissions so you can gather your content editors into teams and provide individuals with specific access rights within the CMS on a guide-by-guide basis.