The MicroGuide™ Web Viewer

Not everybody has (or has access to) a smart phone when they need one

Some Medical Organisations have strict policies about who can and can't use mobile devices throughout their locations. Also in most places there is a very clear requirement to have clinicial guidance available on PC's via a desktop at all times.

When we designed MicroGuide™ we didn't want Medical Organisations to have to maintain their guidance in two places; once in our CMS for mobile users and once again elsewhere for Intranet users, so we designed our Web Viewer to kill two birds with one stone.

As well as also allowing any user access to your guidance on a PC or Mac, we guarantee that this guidance is exactly the same as any content published for your mobile community. This way you can be clear that you only need to manage your guidance in one place (our CMS), safe in the knowledge that it is automatically ditstributed to both the web and mobile devices every time you publish updates.


Every guide you create has it's own unique web address (url) and you can simply insert this address into your Intranet in place of your current guidance. Users will then always access this live web service, which will always present your current and most up to date guidance.