Our Mobile Applications

Download the only App you'll ever need for Clinical Guidance

When your clinicians download the MicroGuide™ App they will join a group of over 90,000 clinical users from around the world who have enjoyed both the simplicity and robustness of our mobile solutions. Our Apps for Apple , Android and Windows Phones are gateways to the published guidance from any Medical Organiation that subscribes to our service.

Simply download the app, select the Medical Organisation of your choice, then download their guide(s) to your device. All guides reside locally but are remotely updated whenever guidance changes, making sure that all clinicians are always accessing the latest information.

The mobile app includes a search function so that clinicians can immediately access any condition or drug, in addition there is a bookmarks option so that clincians can store conditions that are regulary viewed and access them with just "one click" and the app also has a notes section to enable clinicians to add personalised information. 



We're updating and changing our Apps all the time so that new and existing users alike can benefit from the feedback and experience of others. So far we've been downloaded in 163 countries and the list continues to grow. We now have live subscriptions in many countries other than the UK, including Cambodia, Gibraltar, Ireland, the USA and New Zealand.