MultiGuide has arrived!

The original incarnation of MicroGuide™ was specifically designed to allow Antimicrobial Pharmacists and Microbiologists to create, edit and publish their own localised guidance to mobile devices without the need for any technical skills, know-how or IT support. It was incredibly successful.

With well over 80 sets of Adult and Paediatric antibiotic guidance published and the usage patterns and metrics to back it up, we know that our service is adding significant value to the every-day working environment of the clinicians and Medical Organisations it serves.

We work hard with our customers to understand their day-to-day issues in terms of guidance and, over the last two years, one thing became very clear; antimicrobial guidance is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to access to clinical information. So what did we do? We re-designed and extended our class leading service to make it even better.

Now with the MultiGuide version of our service our customers can create any type of guidance and have it all made available to clinicians inside the same App. For many of our existing customers than already have MicroGuide™ this boon means that there isn't even a need to publicise the existence of new guidance as clinicians will automatically see it the next time they use the App.

Now our customers are creating new guidance for subjects such as Infection Control, Pain Management, Wound Formularies, Pathology and Emergency Care Guidelines. With so many new guide types being created and published we envisage that by this time next year MicroGuide™ will manage and distribute nearly 100 different types of guide information across any number of clinical topics. All provided to a free App.

If you have guidance to provide to your clinical staff, there simply is no better way to do it.