Our App is top of the pile!

MicroGuide™ was originally launched in 2011 and since then we have recorded over 90,000 user of our App on Android, Windows and iOS platforms. We have users in 163 countries around the world, with over 90 Medical Organisations constantly creating and updating clinical content for their users. In the UK August is a very busy month for Acute Trusts as the new intake of Junior Doctors makes it a frenetic period for most hospitals. It's also a really busy time for MicroGuide™.

With so many Trusts running and accessing our live service to create and publish guidance there is always a massive effort made to update and release guidance into the clinical domain before the new doctor intake occurs. It's no surprise then that Trusts are suggesting to all FY1's on intake that they immediately download MicroGuide™ as their first port of call for all things hospital guidance related. Every year we've seen a step change increase in our downloads in August, culminating in 2014 with it pushing our App to the Number One position on iTunes in the Medical category.