The most important reason to create any guidance is for the impact of it being read and accessed. Since we launched the version of MicroGuide™ that allowed multiple Medical Organisations to create and publish their own guidance, and have it accessed by the same App, we have amassed over 8 million data points from our thousands of users.

The rich information we record for our customers shows us empirical patterns of guidance usage that have literally never been seen before. The availability of guidance on mobile devices at the point of care has completely changed the approach for clinicians when it comes to engaging and referencing guidance when the need arises. Smartphone and mobile device users love to 'snack' on content in short bursts and the availability of context specific guide content fits that bill perfectly in a busy hospital environment where access to specialists or desktop PC's make information a premium. We know what our metrics are telling us; having access to localised and up-to-date guidance on a mobile device has the biggest impact we could have hoped for. It simply gets used, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All MicroGuide™ customers receive regular usage metrics on an independent guide by guide basis and with this information they can prioritise what to modify and when to release important updates into their clinical community. User metrics provide an entirely new perspective on the creation and management of clinically accessed information and allow the specialists that ultimately create the content to focus on the message and not the medium of how it's provided to the clinician. That's our job in providing a service to you.

Put quite simply, if you want your guidance to have impact, MicroGuide™ is the only choice.